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Billing Rates & Policies

  • Valid credit card and Payment Authorization Form are REQUIRED prior to service.

  • Pool Openings are invoiced at $185/hr. ($110/hr. for the Lead Technician and $75/hr. for the assistant technician) with a one hour minimum.

  • Pool Openings generally take between one and three hours depending upon pool size and condition of your pool upon opening.

  • Additional charges apply for chemicals, materials, travel, and applicable taxes.

  • Travel charges are invoiced at $110/hr.  When possible, we schedule with customers in your area to minimize travel charges.

  • One or more follow-up visits may be required depending on the condition of the pool at the opening. Additional charges will apply.

Tips to Save some Considerable Expense

  1. Make sure your cover is clear of water and debris.

  2. Raise your water level to the top of the skimmer(s) prior to your scheduled opening.

  3. Make sure water and electrical breakers and outlets are accessible and equipment/storage areas are unlocked.

  4. Leave all items such as cover storage container, deck accessories, and chemicals out for the technicians.

  5. Algae is common at opening. It can be a process to clear up. Algae is a living organism that needs to be chemically treated and requires time to die and gall to the bottom before it can be removed. Do not mistake this for dirt left behind. Plan for additional service visits if your pool does not open with clear water. Open your pool early in the season before temperatures get too warm.

  6. Bring a water sample into one of our locations 24 hours after opening for analysis. Initial water chemistry balance is critical to a trouble-free pool season.

Important Information

Pocono Pool & Spa is an Authorized Pool Professional and we carry the Hayward Expert Line.


Expert Line residential pool products* are backed by 3 year (or more) Extended Warranties covering parts and labor, when purchased and installed by a Totally Hayward pool professional.

Hayward Open Line products, which may be sold online, have a 1 year Warranty - limited to defective parts only.

Hayward Expert Line is designed to offer the ultimate in quality, choice and value. It includes our best selling products with advanced pool technologies that make Hayward America’s favorite brand of pool equipment.

Please be aware that Hayward reserves the right to reject warranty claims for any product purchased from unauthorized sellers, including unauthorized internet sites.


Credit Card Authorization Form

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