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ATTENTION: Our renovation project schedule fills up quickly. Projects are completed in the order in which signed proposals and deposits are received. Our project schedule is currently booked out until at least mid-June 2024. Liner installations are heavily weather dependent. Sunny weather of at least 68 degrees is required. Once the weather begins to cooperate for the season, we will be able to get started on our project list and provide a better estimate of timing. Please contact us at 570-595-9070, select option #2, for updated information on scheduling.

PPS Liners

Pocono Pool Vinyl Liners

Making a Splash in America's Backyards

Pocono Pool Liner Installation


Your Place For New Liners and Liner Installations
As the Pocono's premier liner replacement company, we guarantee superior work delivered at competitive pricing. We specialize in in-ground and on-ground liner replacement as well as leak detection and plumbing repair, major renovations, the installation of new steps and the alteration of in-ground swimming pool bottoms.  The liners used in our in-ground liner replacements are manufactured locally from Pocono Pool Products.  Pocono Pool Products starts with the highest grade of virgin vinyl and custom manufactures each liner to fit like a glove. Pocono Pool & Spa offers a wide selection of elegant design patterns.  Choose a custom look for your pool with a selection from  Pocono Pool's Vinyl Liner selection to add unique beauty to your pool.

Long Lasting Beauty
At Pocono Pool Products, we construct our liners from high quality virgin vinyl that is formulated for all climates, so you can be sure you're installing a liner that will remain flexible and resist cold temperature cracking.

All of our liners feature UV inhibitors and an acrylic topcoat that helps prevent fading from chemicals and sunlight, maintains print quality and provides years of lasting beauty. Proper liner care is also important in keeping that liner looking as it were brand new.

Our liner installation and pool construction experience have made us a leader in the industry. When liners from competing manufacturers have failed, we are frequently called upon for attractive and long lasting solutions.

Experience. Quality. Beauty. All reasons why you'll find Pocono Pool Products in Americas best dressed pools.


A new pool liner can easily and dramatically transform your pool. Pocono Pool & Spa offers a wide selection of the latest designer patterns and colors to give your pool new life and a whole new look. Take the first step in the rejuvenation of your pool now and sign up for a site inspection at the link below.

5 Things You Should Avoid With Your Pool Liner

Homeowners want their in-ground pool liners to last a long time. But, between nature and the pool chemicals, a pool liner has little chance to survive for a long time.

Sunlight, Acid rainfalls and failure to maintain right chemical are the culprits behind the ever fading and cracking pool liner. Some homeowners ignore what our experts work hard to make them understand, some of the problems can be easily solved.

With regular maintenance along with regular calcium and pH balancing, increases the life span on your liner and also keeps the pool ready for use. A pool liner should have a life of 10 - 15 years, but if not taken care of properly, may reduce it. Always take good care of your pool for a long lasting liner. Our pool liner experts have curated the Top 5 things that you should avoid with your pool liner:

1. Avoid Swimming with Sharp or Rough Surfaced Objects

Avoid taking any sharp thing with you in the pool. The things with a sharp and abrasive surface can rip or tear your liner. When your cleaning the pool liner, make sure you are extra careful. Extreme friction can not only rub or scratch the pattern, but will also decrease the life of your liner.

2. Avoid Taking Pets in the Pool

It doesn't matter how much you love your pets, their sharp claws can tear, scratch, or puncture a liner. Even if you cut them regularly, you should not let them in the pool. Not to mention the effect they can have on filtration.

3. Avoid Extreme use of Chemicals

Heavy usage of chemicals in the pool can also cause cracking or drying, making the pool liner brittle. High levels of chlorine and low levels of pH can cause the pool liner to bleach and wrinkle.

4. Avoid Low Water Levels

With low water levels, the pool liner can relax and slip. The pool liner will also be open to sun damage. Keeping the water level at the right height will prevent cracking or stretching of the pool liner. It will also help with proper filtration.

5. Avoid Not Using a Pool Cover

Pool covers were designed to protect your pool from waste. It also helps to protect your pool liner from the the suns UV rays.

Refresh Your Pool's Look: Discover Our Latest Liner Collection


Keep Grease, Grime, And Scale Off Surfaces

off the wall - surface cleaner

removes tough grime and scale from pool and spa walls

  • keeps waterline clean of pollen, grease and oils

  • cleans grout lines

  • removes dull film

  • removes stubborn scale build up

  • cleans metal stains

  • easy to use

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