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1507 N. 9th Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360

6382 Route 191, Cresco, PA 18326

Store Hours:

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9am - 5pm

9am - 5pm

Store Hours:

Monday - Friday



9am - 5pm

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Pocono Pool Vinyl Liners

Making a Splash in America's Backyards

Breathe New Life Into Your Pool

A new pool liner can easily and dramatically transform the look of your pool. There’s no need to wait until it needs replacement to go from dull to dazzling. Pocono Pools offers a wide selection of the latest designer patterns and colors to give your pool a whole new look when your current liner’s usefulness starts to wane. A short installation time won’t disrupt your swimming season either. Take the first step in the rejuvenation of your pool now and sign up for a FREE site inspection.

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Protective Top Coat

Enhanced Base Film

UV & Fade Resistant Inks

Infinity Premium Vinyl

Exceptional chemical and bleach resistance providing longer vinyl liner life.


Industry leading ultra violet resistance to reduce fading and increase the aesthetic quality of your pool liner.


Superior resistance to heat degradation reducing the incidence of "Sun-Rot".

Arden Tile Peabody Print


Pocono Pool



Two New Liner Patterns

We have two new liner patterns to freshen up the selection available. Welcome Dolphin Tile/Coral Print and Baden Tile/Copley Print to the list of liners you can choose to liven up your backyard. Each liner is manufactured locally and starts with the highest grade of virgin vinyl.


Your Place For New Liners and Liner Installations

As the Pocono's premier liner replacement company, we guarantee superior work delivered at competitive pricing. We specialize in in-ground and on-ground liner replacement as well as leak detection and plumbing repair, major renovations, the installation of new steps and the alteration of inground swimming pool bottoms.  The liners used in our in-ground liner replacements are manufactured locally from Pocono Pool Products.  Pocono Pool Products starts with the highest grade of virgin vinyl and custom makes each liner to fit like a glove. Pocono Pool & Spa offers a wide selection of elegant design patterns.  Choose a custom look for your pool with a selection from  Pocono Pool's Vinyl Liner selection to add unique beauty to your pool.

Long Lasting Beauty
At Pocono Pool Products we construct our liners from high quality virgin vinyl that is formulated for all climates, so you can be sure you're installing a liner that will remain flexible and resist cold temperature cracking.

All of our liners feature UV inhibitors and an acrylic topcoat that helps prevent fading from chemicals and sunlight, maintains print quality and provides years of lasting beauty.  Proper Liner Care is also important in keeping that liner looking as it were brand new.

Our liner installation and pool construction experience have made us a leader in the industry.  When liners from competing manufacturers have failed, we are frequently called upon for attractive and long lasting solutions.


Experience. Quality. Beauty. All reasons why you'll find Pocono Pool Products in Americas best dressed pools.

The lighter your liner the lighter your pool water will be.  Darker liners will give your water a deep blue look.