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Liner Site Inspections

Our renovation department will contact you within a reasonable time to schedule a site inspection. There is a fee of $150 per site inspection. That $150 will be put towards the liner installation if you choose to have us install the liner. Once the contract is signed and deposit has been received we will schedule your liner inspection.

Keep in mind that all scheduled liner installations are scheduled tentatively. Liner installations depend heavily on the weather. Liners can not be installed if the temperatures are lower than 65º or if it is raining. If either of these conditions are expected on the day of your schedule liner installation, we will contact you and reschedule.


How do I know when to replace my liner?

There are a few ways to tell when a liner needs replacement. Below we have listed 5 ways to let you know it's time! Be sure to keep an eye out on your liner and replace it right away if you fall under any of the listed ways. Too many people try to get "one more year" out of the liner before replacing. Unfortunately, that extra year can cause more damage to the pool. Here is what to look for:

  • Multiple punctures or holes

  • Large rips or tears

  • Faded coloring

  • Dry/Brittle edges above the water level

  • Liner that is torn or breaking away from corners

Any of these should raise a flag and tell you that it's time to replace the liner.

rusted wall.jpg

Don't let the metal wall behind your liner look like this. Make sure you replace that liner as soon as possible to avoid more damage that is not visible.

Have a Question?

For questions regarding any of the above pricing, please contact Service.

Email Service or call 570.595.9070

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