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Terms & Conditions

  • Signed contract, valid credit card and corresponding Payment Authorization Form are REQUIRED prior to services.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to accounts that do not have a payment method on file or are delinquent.

  • Prices reflect standard residential spas within a 20-mile radius of our Cresco location. Beyond the included radius, travel is billed at $125.00/hour.

  • Rates DO NOT include repairs, materials or applicable taxes and are subject to change. Requests for services not included in the maintenance program are billed at $125.00/hour for Lead Technician and $75.00 per hour for Assistant Technician. Additional travel charges may apply.

  • All contracts are eligible for pre-pay savings of an additional 5% discount on service and materials. Discounts exclude Chlorine and Shock.

  • Scheduling is based on availability. Our best efforts are made to schedule for the same day each service period, however, fluctuations may be necessary. Special requests require a minimum one-week notice.

  • Appointment reminder texts/calls are sent/made the day before service. It is the Homeowner’s responsibility to make sure all contact information is up to date.

  • We reserve the right to reschedule services as necessary.

  • Rental property owners are required to notify tenants/guests of service appointments. Technicians will not ask bathers to vacate pool/spa to perform a service. If pool/spa is in use when the technician arrives, service will be rescheduled. Travel charges will apply at $125.00/hour.

  • Dependent upon condition of pool/spa at the time of the regularly scheduled service, follow-up appointment(s) may be necessary. Additional charges may apply. Homeowner will be notified prior to service.

  • Contract allows three (3) spa drain and refills per year. If additional drain and refills are required, labor charges will apply.

  • Pocono Pool & Spa is not responsible for any damage or discoloration due to homeowner’s water source.

  • Homeowner must arrange for technicians to have access to electric, water and chemical storage areas. If water is not accessible, filters cannot be cleaned / water cannot be added as necessary. Charges will apply for chemicals supplied by the technician if Homeowner does not have available.

  • Homeowner is responsible for ensuring access to the property, the pool, the spa and all necessary equipment. This includes private community gates, driveway access, entry locks, alarms, etc. If the technician arrives and is unable to access, travel charges will still will be billed at $125.00/hour.

  • Homeowner must ensure their road, driveway and access to spa/indoor pool and breakers are clear during winter months. Technicians do not handle snow removal. If we are unable to confirm access with the Homeowner, the appointment will be canceled. If Homeowner indicates access is clear and technician finds it is not, service will not be performed and travel charges will be billed at $125.00/hour.

  • Weekly service is highly recommended for high usage(ie -rental properties) or if you are not cleaning and balancing on your own each week. Monthly service is only recommended if the Homeowner/Property Manager is actively involved in maintenance the remainder of the month.

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