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Hot Spring Tri-X Filter

Hot Spring Tri-X Filter

SKU: 73250

The Tri-X Filter is a factory original Hot Spring replacement filter.

This ceramic fiber cartridge filter was introduced in the 2005 Hot Spring high performance spa models. In 2006, the Tri-X became available as a replacement for the more common polyester filters. The unique design enables it to filter twice the water per minute than a common filter would. You don't have to clean it as often either! 

Dimensions: 6" diameter x 10.5" Long 

Inside Hole 2"

73250 Tri-X Ceramic Cartridge Filter is for all Hot Spring Highlife Collection Models.

  • Cleaning Instructions

    Tri-X filters should be cleaned on a monthly basis. They can be put in the dishwasher on the RINSE CYCLE ONLY! It is also recommended to clean the filter with a Filter Cleaner, such as FreshWater Instant Filter Cleaner, at least every other month to remove oils.  DO NOT use the filter cleaner and put the filter in the dishwasher.  Rinse them with a garden hose.

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