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Current Updates from Pocono Pool & Spa

Pocono Pool & Spa is currently no longer taking on any new services.

It is with our sincerest apologies that we must announce that Pocono Pool & Spa is no longer accepting new service requests at this time. Due to incredibly high demand for our services, combined with the current pandemic related struggles to hire new qualified technicians, delays on products and supplies, and extremely long backlogs, we are entirely booked for the immediate future. We regret that we have to make this decision but as we strive to provide quality products and professional workmanship in a timely manner, we have ultimately reached our capacity to accommodate new service related requests.

For those who have already placed service requests we ask that you please be patient. We are experiencing extremely high call volumes (with limited staff) and are doing our best to respond to all calls in the order in which they were received. Once your service has been scheduled you will be contacted with a scheduled date via email or text. Should you have any questions regarding your requested service, please email us at

Our employees in the Cresco and Stroudsburg retail stores will continue to assist customer troubleshooting needs to the best of their abilities. Please note that due to various issues which are out of our control (Covid19 Pandemic, Hurricane Laura (2020), and the Texas Polar Vortex) special orders are taking significantly longer than in the past and we may not be able to acquire certain products. Manufacturers in the pool and spa industry have continued to post product lead times, in some cases as little as 6 - 8 weeks and often as much as 36 - 52 weeks with many being sold out completely for 2021. There is a shortage of certain chemicals, plastics, and electronics which are all a significant part of the pool industry.

Thank you for your continued support and we apologize for any inconvenience. Should the current situation change we will post a notice to our social media accounts and our website.

Pocono Pool & Spa

Shortages, Delays, Price Increases, and Hiring entering the New Pool Season

A few days ago, we posted on our website and social media platforms that we are at capacity with our services and will not be taking on any new Service Customers this year, unless otherwise specified. See above for more details.

Chlorine is the New Toilet Paper

As seen on probably seen on CNBC and CNN news broadcasts over the weekend and articles published on pool & spa news sites, there are major chlorine shortages. As one of our employees put it, "chlorine is the new toilet paper". But, that's not all, there are also shortages on plastic and other materials causing major delays and huge price increases. Check out this article in Pool Magazine! We predicted this would happen, but not to this degree. Due to the shortage on Chlorine, there will be limits on Chlorine and Shock purchases. We are also limiting the amount on pool salt purchases. With an increasing amount of customers already coming in due to shortages, here is a list of limitations:

  • Chlorine Tablets - any size container. LIMIT OF ONE CONTAINER PER CUSTOMER ACCOUNT. SOLD OUT!

  • Chlorine Sticks - any size container. LIMIT OF ONE CONTAINER PER CUSTOMER ACCOUNT. SOLD OUT!

  • Smart Shock - bucket only. LIMIT OF ONE BUCKET PER CUSTOMER ACCOUNT.


  • Smart Shock, Burnout 3, and Burnout 73 - 1lb bags. LIMIT TWENTY FOUR BAGS PER CUSTOMER ACCOUNT.


  • Liquid Chlorine - 5gal container. LIMIT OF 2 CONTAINERS PER CUSTOMER ACCOUNT.


Note: If you buy a container of tablets, that is your limit on Chlorine. You can not get a container of Sticks as well. Same goes with Shock. If you buy 24lbs Smart Shocks, you can not get a bucket or 24lbs of the other shocks. You may mix and match the Shock up to 24lbs if you would like. Ask your sales representative for more details.


If you are getting a water test and chlorine or shock are recommended, we recommend purchasing your limit to get you through the season, if available. We also recommend adding products such as Pool Juice, Pool Complete, and an Algaecide to prevent the chance of algae growth and other contaminants from eating up Chlorine, click here for more products to reduce the amount of chlorine used.


Remember to run your pool 24 Hours a day for best results and to reduce the amount of chlorine being used.

Delays on Pool Products

Almost everything uses plastic and it is predicted to severely impact the pool industry. Dwindling supplies were already tight. The recent deep freeze caused by Winter Storm Uri, took many supplies off the market. Texas experienced millions of dollars in unexpected pool equipment repairs.

The Petrochemical industry, based largely in Texas, was brought to it's knees during the winter. Uri had disastrous implications on supplies which are impacting the inventory that pool companies have depended on being available for this seasons installation projects and service repairs. - Pool Magazine

Luckily, we do have a decent supply of products, but with the amount of customers we have, they may run out soon. If your opening your pool and see that something is broken or you're looking for a new heater, pool vacuum, or any other products, don't hesitate to call one of our retail locations for availability. 570-595-9070 in Cresco or 570-476-0888 in Stroudsburg.

Hot Tub Delays and Hot Tub Cover Delays

The pool and spa industry grew by 24% last year and is continuing to grow. With that kind of growth there are noticeable consequences that are affecting the industry in a number of ways. The popularity of hot tubs has dramatically increased, manufacturing and production has had trouble keeping up with the demand. Just like swimming pool construction and the service industry, hot tub manufacturers are struggling with rising costs of essential materials such as PVC pipe, valves, heaters, pumps, and the list goes on and on.


In a letter sent out to all Hot Spring dealers from the President of Watkins Wellness, Steve Hammock summarizes the difficulties that have hit the hot tub industry and what is to come. If you have purchased or are in the market for a hot tub, read this letter. All manufacturers are dealing with these problems, creating unusually long lead times. But, we are not the only industry dealing with these delays. Many home improvement companies are also experiencing these delays.


Watch this video of Scott Iverson who's been with Watkins Wellness for over 33 years, addressing the Watkins Wellness commitment and promise during this time of waiting and thanking everyone for their patience.

We would also like to thank everyone who has purchased from us and really appreciate your patience. For those of you that are still in the market for a hot tub, we are taking orders for 2022 and promise you that every day is made better with a Hot Spring hot tub, the absolute best hot tub ownership experience.

Find me a tub.

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