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Dear Pocono Pool & Spa Customers,

The heat of the summer is now upon us, as 2020 moves on. Perhaps like you, if you'd have told us back in Spring that COVID-19 would still be wreaking havoc well beyond July 4th, and much of society would remain at a standstill, we'd have thought you're naive or crazy or both. Yet, here we are!

The calendar is turning day-by-day though, and much has transpired since our last correspondence. Over the last few months we went from being shut down completely to reopening our service department so we can schedule services. Then we moved on to reopening our retail locations for curbside pick-up and we were able to schedule openings, but with limited staff. As the season progressed, we eventually were able to open our stores and start renovations. The problem was, that many places around the country and world, were still not open or working on limited staff. Products were and are still not easy to come by. As you saw with many grocery stores, certain products were next to impossible to get. Long story short, this year has been a complete nightmare for both homeowners and business's alike. Especially, business's that dealt with outdoor, home improvement, or backyard products. Below are some articles regarding the demand for products:

Those are just a few of dozens of articles regarding, not just the pool industry, but other retailers and suppliers on product availability.

What's concerning us at-the-moment is that some of our most important suppliers are starting to falter. Under the circumstances, it is unfortunate but not surprising that the suppliers who service the entire manufacturing base of our industry find themselves oversold, overextended, and understaffed for the battle-at-hand. Deliveries and other dates are being missed. Supplier performance and dependability is a daily problem in our world, even in the best of times, but it is particularly acute now and will be for the rest of the year. We've also received notice that certain products will not be available for the remainder of this year.

We are grateful to all of our customers for being as patient and understanding as possible. We are not in the business of making people unhappy or disappointed. This is a tough year with circumstances that were unforeseen for everyone. This has been an extremely tough year for our service and renovation department, who has been overextended and understaffed greatly. With an extremely late start and the large number of customers we service, it has been nearly impossible to keep everyone happy. Our summer's are normally 3-5 months long, and with all the circumstances mentioned already, we needed to schedule more openings and follow-ups than usual in a shorter period of time. We can only hope that this year will finish off better than it started. The old norm is gone and we have to adjust to the new norm. No one knows what lies ahead, but we can only pray that it is better than what we have faced over the last few months.

Again, we thank you for all your patience and understanding. We also thank you for believing in us to make things right although at times it has been frustrating. Please, stay tuned for future updates and availability of products and services. Below are some estimated lead times given to use by our suppliers.



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