Hot Spring® Wireless Sound System Enhancements

with Bluetooth® Technology

EQ Tuning


(Optional In-Home Dock)

Wireless Sound System with Bluetooth technology w/optional Subwoofer and Wireless In-Home Dock

  • Bluetooth connectivity.  Easily pair the system with any Bluetooth technology enabled music device and wirelessly transmit live streaming options like Pandora or download songs.

  • Better sound.  A new and improved subwoofer provides enhanced sound from inside the equipment compartment. Fine tune audio settings through the spa's main control panel like treble, bass, balance, subwoofer volume, and amp channel (for pairing with the available Wireless In-Home Dock).

  • Outside entertaining.  Utilize any Bluetooth technology enabled source device as a remote with track control and seperate volume adjustment.

  • Flexibility.  The Wireless Sound System with Bluetooth technology is ready to accept additional Hot Spring entertainment components like the new subwoofer, wireless in-home dock and wireless TV.

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Type: Bluetooth Receiver/Amplifier

Power (Max): 4 X 30 W (4 Ohms)

Range: 30 ft. (9 m) from the front of the spa

Accessories: Subwoofer, Wireless In-Home Dock

Features: EQ Tuning, Bass, Treble, Balance;

Subwoofer Volume; Play/Pause; Track


Spa Compatibility: All spas


Size: 6" single voice coil

Power (Max): 150W

Features: Volume and bass control

Spa Compatibility: All spas except the TX

(due to space constraints for subwoofer)


Dimensions: 6.25" L X 4.25" W X 1.7" H

(15.9 cm X 10.8 cm X 4.3 cm)

Range: 150 ft. (45 m)

iPod Compatible: iPod Touch 3rd Gen, 4th Gen;

iPod Nano 5th Gen, 6th Gen*

iPhone Compatible: iPhone 4, iPhone 4s*

Other Compatible: via 3.5mm auxilary

audio cable (included)

*iPhone 5 & iPod Nano Gen 7 require use of Apple Lightning cable adapter--results may vary